Jobs & Employment

what are some employment agencies?

What are some recruitment agencies in Trinidad and Tobago

What is the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM)?

Who or what is the Joint Trade Union Movement and what do they do?

What is a trade union?

What is a trade union and what do they do?

What does VSEP mean?

What does the acronym VSEP stand for?

How to get a job in Trinidad & Tobago

You're seeking employment and just stumbled upon an ad to fill a job position that you think you qualify for. This discussion aims to help you, by making you aware of the hiring process, as well as see things from the employer's pe...

What is OJT?

I understand that OJT means On-The-Job training and that you can hire people in the programme. I would like to get more details about the OJT programme from an employer's perspective. How do I, as a business owner hire people throu...