Should Trinidad legalise marijuana?

What type of oil does a Toyota corolla NZE use?

What type of oil (in terms of viscosity) does a Toyota Corolla NZE use?

Who is Natasha Navas?

Who exactly is Natasha Navas? What is she famous for and what did she accomplish?

RE: Can Siberian Huskies live in Trinidad?

Yes, although they love the cold climate, they're very resilient dogs and shed their fur in warm weather.

RE: What are the various maxi taxi colors in Trinidad?

The various maxi taxi colors in Trinidad and Tobago are: - Red Band : Port of Spain, Arima, Sangre Grande - Yellow Band : Port of Spain, Diego Mar...

RE: Who owns the local franchise for Starbucks?

The company that holds the franchise for Starbucks Trinidad is Prestige Holding Ltd.

RE: Who owns TSTT?

The telecommunications services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) is jointly owned by National Enterprises Limited (NEL) and Cable and Wireless (C&W). ...

RE: How do I get a bligh from Digicel?

Yes Digicel does offer blighs but it is called quick credit. To access quick credit just text credit to 214 on your mobile device.

RE: When is hunting season?

Under the Conservation of Wildlife Act, Chapter 67:01 of the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago, hunting is permitted in Trinidad and Tobago between the f...

What is a trade union?

What is a trade union and what do they do?

What is a bound?

On land in Trinidad they always use the term "bound". What is that?

Who declares a state of emergency in trinidad and tobago

Who declares a state of emergency in trinidad and tobago?

what is an act?

Is an act a law or policy? what is meant by the term "act"?

what is a bill?

what is a constitutional bill?

RE: What does the President do?

Some of the main duties of the President of Trinidad and Tobago are: - Head of State - Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces - Custodian of all s...

RE: Who invented saheena?

I believe it originated in Trinidad and it comes from the East Indian traditional way of cooking.

RE: What is Kurma?

Kurma is an Indian delicacy and the ingredients are: Flour, Butter, Cinnamon powder, ginger or ginger powder, water and sugar. Kurma originated ...

RE: Who wrote the national pledge?

Trinidad and Tobago's National Pledge was written by Marjorie Padmore.

RE: Where is Port of Spain?

Port of Spain is the capital of the island of Trinidad. Port of Spain is located in the north eastern part of the island.

RE: What is constitutional reform?

The constitutions adhered to by some countries may be outdated and constitutional reform allows a country to update their policies and procedures.

RE: What is a constitution?

A body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a country is acknowledged to be governed.

RE: how to apply for a wasa connection

To acquire a new water connection for your personal property these are the steps: - complete an application form (available at a WASA Office or on...

RE: Does Netflix work in Trinidad and Tobago?

Yes Netflix works in Trinidad and Tobago. You would need to register on the website for an account and then you would have access to Netflix servic...

RE: Where is Tobago?

Tobago is known as the sister isle of Trinidad and its commonly known as Trinidad and Tobago. It is located on the North Western side of Trinidad a...

RE: Where is Trinidad?

Trinidad is located in the Caribbean Sea and is the last island on the Caribbean chain. It is located close to Venezuela and its bordering islands ...

RE: How do you address the president of Trinidad and Tobago?

The title used to address the president of Trinidad and Tobago is "His Excellency"

RE: What does VSEP mean?

VSEP stands for Voluntary Separation Employee Programme. Its a programme conducted by various organisations whereby employees are offered a monetar...

What does VSEP mean?

What does the acronym VSEP stand for?

RE: How do you name a hurricane?

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) is the organisation in charge of this task. The WMO has a dedicated list based on female and male names...