Law & Legal Issues


Should Trinidad legalise marijuana?

What is a State Of Emergency?

What does a SOE signify and what are the rules/restrictions?

Who declares a state of emergency in trinidad and tobago

Who declares a state of emergency in trinidad and tobago?

What is a warrant?

What exactly is a police warrant, how do they obtain one and what does it give police officers the right to do?

Can the police search your vehicle without a warrant?

Can police officers in Trinidad and Tobago legally search your vehicle without having a warrant to do so?

Can police handcuff you without a warrant?

Do police officers in Trinidad and Tobago have the legal right to handcuff a citizen, without having a warrant to arrest that individual? If so, under what circumstances.

What is a non solicitation clause

What is a non-solicitation clause? Who has to sign it and what exactly does it restrict the signee from doing?

What is FATCA?

What is the FATCA compliance act? What does FATCA stand for, what does it state and how does it affect Trinidad?

What kind of lawyer handles trademarks?

I need to register my trademark (name & logo) and the government isn't providing assistance in a timely manner. What type of lawyer should I retain in order to advise me and expedite the registration of my trademark?

What is a "nice class"?

While filling out a trademark application form, I was asked for the "nice class". What is it?

Can I register a trademark that is similar to one that is already registered?

I've done a trademark search and realized that a similar name is already registered. Is it possible to register a similar name (1-2 characters different)?

What can I do if the trademark I want is already registered?

I thought of a beautiful trademark for a product that I wish to market, however, on doing the name search, I saw that the trademark was already registered by an individual. What are my options?

What happens to a trademark if the business that registered it closes or changes name?

So, I've registered a trademark under a legal entity (my business), and I plan to change my business' name. Do I have to submit any special forms in order to transfer the trademark over to the new business' name? Or is the transfer...

How long do trademarks last in Trinidad?

I've applied for and successfully acquired a trademark. How long would my trademark be registered before it needs to be renewed?

How do you protect your ideas in Trinidad?

How do you protect your intellectual property in Trinidad so that if someone tries to copy you, you can sue them?